My List, June 2018

June has come as a major reprieve, after all the activity of May. Not only am I welcoming the rain after two months of insufferable summer heat, but I'm also taking a slower approach to my days after May's conflagration of activity, events and endless work To Do's. Finally, REST!

 You can check my highlights from the retreat on my  Instagram  feed.

You can check my highlights from the retreat on my Instagram feed.

On a high from: Awaken Weekend Wellness Retreat. My friend / yoga teacher Ria and I couldn't have chosen a better time to kick off our very first retreat than the first of June. What an amazing experience to hold space for eight women! We were able to pool together everything we love—yoga, essential oils and aromatherapy, psychology and the tarot, meditation and visualization—into a packed three days full of self-discovery. Already, we've gotten requests for a next retreat… after we give ourselves a break + some much-needed travel time, we're going to meet up and see what we can cook up before the year ends!

Reading: On the heels of finishing "My Oxford Year" by Julia Whelan (what a sweet book… that took a very unexpected "Me Before You" turn … it was perfect though, because it did take me to Edinburgh which is on top of my Must-See list for 2019!), I finally bought "Crazy Rich Asians" off Amazon. I was always on the fence about this one, but the movie trailer had me convinced I needed to see it. That, and Patty's blog post about her excitement for the movie.

I'm only a few chapters in but I am loving the Asian-ness of it all. Can't wait for the characters to finally make their way to Singapore!

 Photo from:  Netflix

Photo from: Netflix

Watching: Wild Wild Country. What in holy hell. I found out about this documentary through some folks on Instagram and I innocently dove in yesterday afternoon and did not stop until I finished all six episodes. If you like investigative dramas, have a fascination for cults (when I'm in the mood, I deep dive on all things conspiracy and cult-y), have encountered Osho one way or another, or are bored, this will certainly wake you up.

I have the Osho Zen Tarot, visited an Osho bookstore when I was on retreat in Bali, and had no clue. CRAZY. 

Drinking: The Big Chill's avocado + yogurt shake. Avocado season is the best season!

 Photo from:  Darling Magazine

Photo from: Darling Magazine

Excited for: Travel. Darling Magazine just released a collab with Alaska Airlines on different cities and there's one on Seattle! This one has me refining my list of things to do in the PNW and now I definitely know the Seattle Public Library will be on my list of places to see. Just a few weeks to go!

Working out at: Anytime Fitness. Even if I have been flip-flopping on all my other fitness activities, I've stayed consistent with my training sessions at the gym because while I'm 99% lazy 99% of the time, I do have to admit that sweating is good. And I actually like the squats and suspension training stuff (not so much the planks though). I like that the gym has kept me conditioned enough for Barre3 too.

 Photo from  Kiehl's Argentina

Applying: Kiehl's Creme de Corps. I have been at war with eczema since October last year and the worst flare up had me, literally, covered head to toe in lesions. Thank god my doctor finally figured out what was causing it (my desk chair was the freaking culprit!), and in a span of two weeks, my skin is back to almost-normal. I apply Kiehl's Creme de Corps at least thrice a day and my skin has never been this smooth. If you can afford a splurge, this one is pretty amazing.

Listening to: Voyager 1 by Katrina Razon. I need (mostly) wordless music when I'm working and this one has been keeping me company without putting me to sleep. I'm not a big house fan, but I like that this track is two hours long—just enough for me to accomplish whatever computer work I need to finish in the morning.

 Photo from:  Kinky Little Boots

Photo from: Kinky Little Boots

Wanting to see: Book Club. I am very much in the mood for a light and fluffy rom-com. I really do need to see this before Ocean's 8 wipes out everything else in the cinemas. I used to not like "old people" movies, but when I saw Dianne Keaton with Jack Nicholson in "Something's Gotta Give," I decided to stop being so age-ist. It's only right that I go see her new movie!

Checking out: Yoga Trapeze at Yoga+. I'm going to my first class on Sunday and am very excited to "hang out" (harhar). I've already consumed my yoga classes at the studio for the year and I told myself I wouldn't buy a pass until I get back from my travels, so I'm super stoked I get a pass to try this new offering out. 

Onward to the middle of the year! I'll be back on Thursday :)