What's Making Me Happy: May 2018

What a wild ride this month has been. Everything I brainstormed last December and January started really taking off in the last couple of weeks. And while the heat has triggered my allergies and I'm confronted with lesions all over (gahhh!), it's making me so much more aware about all the things I have to be thankful for.


1. Mystic Matter. Our event finally happened yesterday and so many people came (thank you, friends and NFFs!) <3 I still remember meeting Wiji and Mansy at Toast Box in Greenhills years ago—the three of us had an idea for a mystical box subscription that we would launch in a bazaar or pop-up event. We thought of a name (we had a different one then!), drew up a logo, brainstormed possible venues, and then life kind of took over and we moved on to different pursuits.

Because of all the astrology I'd been studying last December and January, I thought it would be a good idea to give our project a bit of a zshush et voila! Mystic Matter was born. It was also perfect timing that my sister in law, Pierra, had just come out with her second book of poetry entitled, "Dear Universe."

We pulled in other awesome, good vibes people—Michelle (Pierra's sister) who owns the Crystal Rose Room, Micah who creates the beautifully uplifting stationery of Eden Street, and Macy of Macysfields who always has the prettiest baked goodies.

The event gave us such a rush, I forgot to take videos and photos. Oops. Needless to say, we're psyched about the response and are already thinking up our next cosmic collab. Mystic Matter 2.0 is in the works!

2. Glossier's Haze and Beam. Cloud Paint is, without a doubt, my favorite Glossier product. I like how you can mix and match different cream blushes to create your own shade. I never thought of mixing these two together, but it's been what I've been wearing all month long and I love it. The mix looks like you've got a pink sunset on your cheeks!

PS: I also got the Priming Moisturizer, the Priming Moisturizer Rich and the Lash Slick. #sucker

 Photo from  Topshop USA

Photo from Topshop USA

3. My smock top from Topshop. This was a very conscious retail therapy purchase last March. I had just run into a former Voldemort and the experience had me slipping my credit card out and mindlessly buying stuff. Needless to say, this was a super good spend because I've loved wearing it and have gotten tons of compliments for it. So thank you, Voldemort.

4. "New Light" by John Mayer. I know he's got a bad rep, but I cannot help myself. I am still the same person who had "Back to You" on repeat in college. Oh well. 

 Photo from:  The Whimsical Arcane

5. Arabica's Spanish Latte. I met up with Eisel of The Whimsical Arcane early this month to talk tarot and it finally gave me the chance to trek to BGC and get a spot at Arabica. SO GOOD! There are already a ton of coffee shops around me in my neighborhood but I am crossing my fingers that Arabica opens here too.

6. "My Oxford Year" by Julia Whelan. I finally finished the stash of books I'd purchased for my birthday and am now starting fresh with my Kindle app. This book was featured in Hello Giggles' Book Club this month and the premise was right up my alley. I'm still on Chapter One (I've had to stop fiction because of all the birth charts I'd been writing out), but so far I am really happy. Ella, who works in the political circuit (checks my Crooked Media fandom box) gets a Rhodes scholarship and moves to England for a year (checks my London love!). I'm sure there's some kind of love story involved in this and I cannot wait to get to that part of the story, haha.

 Photo from  Richard Madden's Instagram  (eeeee!)&nbsp;

Photo from Richard Madden's Instagram (eeeee!) 

7. Ibiza. FINALLY! This movie was a welcome break. I spent an entire day hammering out birth charts for  I think this movie would be so-so if you weren't so keen on seeing Robb Starck in a modern day setting, but if you are a superfan like me, you will enjoy this immensely. <3 

PS: You get to hear that Scottish accent! Oh my word!

8. La Mere Poulard Sablés. I caught these at the Starbucks aisle of doom and have been addicted to them ever since. They are a whopping (!) P65 for three biscuits which is kind of a disgrace… but they are my current preferred treat. I should go back to the actual restaurant and get myself a big box.

9. My Surf Mix, updated. 2012-2014 was a really weird blip in my personal timeline. I decided to go back to the playlist I created during that time and was pleasantly surprised. Al the personal drama during that time actually resulted in a very good music selection. I tried to rebuild my iPod playlist via Spotify, added a couple of tracks and am very happy I now have new-old songs to listen to.

 Photo from  N ITV

Photo from NITV

10. Brooklyn 99. I may be late to the party but I am having so much fun right now. I'm only in Season 2 and am anticipating more tension between Peralta and Santiago, am loving the Chief (SO MUCH), and basically feel like I am part of the nine-nine.

Kicking myself for not having watched this sooner too—bumped into one of the cast members in the cast when I was in The Grove a few years back and because I didn't know the show, I didn't know who my friend and I saw. GRRR.

June is a-coming, which means I'm flying soon! EXCITEDEXCITEDEXCITED.