I had some tasty treats in London…

… and had my share of takeaway too. While I didn't make it to Dishoom and Sketch (saving them for next time), here are 10 bites and sips / locations I did manage to snap.


1. Sunday brunch at a restaurant / cafe / club in East London whose name I can't even remember. It was right outside the Tube stop, right on the corner of two streets (big help, I know). My friend wanted to bring me to a proper Sunday Roast and unfortunately, my photo of the actual reason we met up that morning is blurry. We also offered this disgustingly large waffle topped with sausage, avocado and poached egg. I also finished all the beans (love beans). My normally vegetarian friend felt awful after our breakfast. LOL.

sunday 2.jpg
sunday 3.jpg

2. TAP Coffee. I had a long list of coffee shops to try and I decided to go to this one near Oxford because I wanted to get away from the crowd. I totally ruined my appetite for dinner by having a brownie along with my cuppa. As in a lot of coffee shops around London, the place was full of Asian tourists with a caffeine agenda.


3. Wagamama. There was a Wagamama right behind the Tate, so I decided to grab a bite their in between my tour of the Globe (Shakespeare Theatre) and the matinee of "Much Ado About Nothing" I was about to watch. 

I don't think I go a week without eating Japanese at least once, so this was inevitable. And yummy… I had the grilled duck donburi because, rice.

borough 2.jpg

4. Borough Market. You can't go to London and not visit one of its most popular markets. I was actually advised to go the lesser known ones, but… I was in the area, so what the heck. I had myself some tasty samplers from the foie gras folk and the cheese vendors here!

borough 1.jpg

5. Porteña. The first stall I went to was this Argentinian street food vendor, as recommended by my friend, Angel who was in London a few weeks before me. The alfajores was (were?) muy excelente! And nothing like the ones we have here in Manila.


6. Roast. Known for its "Deliciously British!" fare, Roast was my last sit down meal before leaving London. My cousin, who was in the city a month before my visit, said they had a pretty good Sunday Roast there… but I decided to skip the meat and potatoes for Fish 'n Chips. It was, indeed, Deliciously British! I also liked that glop of mushy peas in the background (who would've thought).

coffee geek.jpg

7. Coffee Geek and Friends. I had a mocha and a delicious slice of coconut cake in this cozy little spot right near Victoria Station. It was the perfect pre-game for the Harry Potter tour I was going on. After coffee, my friend took me on a quick walking tour around Belgravia and Hyde Park (fancy!).


8. Petersham Nurseries. One of my favorite places to walk around was Covent Garden, and I found out that very recently, Petersham Nurseries (which is quite a way off) had just opened an outpost at that same spot. Thanks to my crafty IG stalking of Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles, I found the shop and bumped into Tanya Burr while getting my coffee. WHAT. Maybe one day I'll get to go and have a fancy meal at the original location!

monmounth 1.jpg

9. Monmouth Coffee. One of the first places I stopped over when I got to London, I remember grabbing a cup of coffee right before stumbling on the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theater and nabbing myself some lucky tickets.

This photo was taken at the branch right outside Borough Market, where there is considerably more seating than their other location.

monmouth 2.jpg

This place gets PACKED. I was squeezed in a booth with a mom and her kid, plus another tourist from Thailand who asked me to take her photo with the coffee while she journaled about it. Cute!

langham 2.jpg

10. The Langham. I love afternoon tea so I didn't want to miss the opportunity to actually have it at the hotel that started it all. A friend told me that this place is haunted, btw. But all in the name of scones and champagne and cream tea… I made it there still. I booked a reservation online—the place was pretty packed when I went.

langham 1.jpg

PS: The blush pink bedazzled walls were very pretty.

langham 3.jpg

I had three delicious scones (my favorite), a glass of bubbly, and cream tea. Makes me feel sad that there's nowhere to go to get scones like this here! TT

I hope I get to cast a wider net on my next trip! Until then, I will have to make do with the strawberry scones at Dean & Deluca here. :)