My List, May 2018

So far, May has been an in-between month. I've come off the high of my A+ April, and am pretty much just waiting for the week on week event that are coming up starting the 19th and all the way until I leave for Canada and the US in June.

I've also started a new retainer job, which is taking a little bit of getting used to, but is overall a good thing—considering I left my old work without a plan. I'm feeling I can rest easy (rest, being a conditional term!).

 Illustration from:  iTunes / Couples Therapy

Illustration from: iTunes / Couples Therapy

Listening to: Couples Therapy. I watch Casey Neistat on and off on YouTube and have always enjoyed the dynamic between him and his wife, Candice. Because I'm a podcast junkie, I hopped on the train as soon as he announced they'd be doing a podcast. I found myself LOLling while listening to the two banter (argue)—it's a little voyeuristic, a lot humorous, and overall a good thing to listen to while editing photos, going on the elliptical, or killing time in traffic.

Annoyed by: This HEAT!!! This summer caused my worst allergy flare up yet, but I've been getting relief from my dad's humidifier, a constant slathering of lotion, and probiotic supplements. Quel nightmare.

On a high from: Harry Styles' concert. I'm not a One Direction fan and I'm not even a Harry Styles fan, but I got through the pre-selling promo for this concert last year so I went ahead with my cheap seats, listened to his album non-stop the day before the concert and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I could not sing along with the thousands of screaming teens at the arena, did not know why everyone had sunflowers with them, but had a lot of fun still. Loved that he did a Fleetwood Mac cover too :)

Still putting off: Travel plans. My trip with Mimi is looming near but between now and then, I've got a bazillion other things to take care of. I'm hoping I can carve some time out to brainstorm and plan—the best part about going on a trip is the anticipation and planning and I hope I'll be able to enjoy it this time around!


Reading: "Everything I Know About Love" by Dolly Alderton. I learned about this book through The High Low Podcast, which I learned about from my favorite blogger/vlogger Anna Newton. I ordered this book for my birthday but only started on it last week (I two other titles to get through) and it's been so good. I snapped a paragraph about Dolly's MSN Messenger tactics to get boys to notice her and I legit got the most number of messages from a single IG Story ever ("What book???"). Dolly is currently only 29 but her life has been jam-packed with wild adventures, high ups, really low lows—that said, you still identify with her as you read about everything she's been through, which is lovely. 

I always look forward to cracking this one open, especially when I want to get away from the screen.

Waiting for: Glossier Lash Slick. Because Macy and I did not wait, we just jumped on the bandwagon as soon as it came out. I will preach the gospel of Glossier to anyone who'll listen! :P

 Photo from:  Netflix

Photo from: Netflix

Watching: "When Calls the Heart." Give me a period drama set in Canada (I'm assuming?) produced by Hallmark and I am a happy camper. My college friend Lianne, who has been my partner in all things Hallmark since 1997, has been urging me to watch this Netflix gem for a while back. "But I still have 10 seasons of 'Heartland!'" I protested.

After eight months of watching "Heartland" and with only two more seasons left until I'm up to speed (oh no!), I went into a panic, not wanting to say goodbye to Calgary ranch life… so I started this. And it is delightful! If you're an "Anne of Green Gables" girl, this story about a rich school teacher who gets sent to a poor coal mining community is lovely. 

There are only three seasons out so I'm spacing out my viewing for now…

Working out at: Barre3. I finally, FINALLY made it back to the studio and have fallen back into the routine without much drama from my core and butt and muscles. Because my schedule is open now, I'm able to attend better time slots and am meeting new teachers and it's all been so much fun. I can't wait to get back to fighting form. 

 Photo from:  Richard Madden  on Instagram

Photo from: Richard Madden on Instagram

Wallpapering: Yet another gem from Richard Madden who sporadically posts photos like this on social media, setting his fan base on fire. YAY!

Counting down to: Speaking of my favorite, I have exactly 11 days until his Netflix movie, Ibiza comes out. Clearing my schedule for May 25!

Have a great rest of May, everyone!