What's Making Me Happy: April 2018

April has always been one of my favorite months because of my birthday. :P 

And this year, Aries season was extra special because I launched a couple of (a lot of) projects, saw many of my friends do the same, and because I finally got through a couple of weeks without getting sick.

Here's hoping you find some happiness pointers here!

 Photo by  Abbey Sy

Photo by Abbey Sy

1. The Practical Magic Starter Deck. I know I wrote about this already, but it must be reinstated because this deck—which started out as a simple collage exercise I did a few late nights last year—has taken off. It's made me so happy to have this little project be my friends' and followers' gateway to reading the tarot for themselves. I am especially over the moon when someone from another country makes an order (WHAT!!!). This has been such a great source of high vibes all month long.

Ad time: Order now at bit.ly/practicalmagicdeck :)

2. A Quiet Place. I am not into horror movies but I am into John Krasinski, so I dutifully headed to the cinemas for this one and… LOVED IT! It wasn't monster-scary—definitely more stressful-scary. Emily Blunt was also really good (was there every any doubt?). See it if you haven't!

 Photo from  Hey Kessy

Photo from Hey Kessy

3. My rose gold Kirby bobby pins from Dandy Ona x Prima. When my friend and web girl extraordinaire Macy told me she was launching a set of hair accessories for the non-jewelry wearing girl, I was super stoked. The collaboration was inspired by life's firsts, which is such an adorable concept since it was also Macy's first time designing anything like this! 

This launch makes me happy because it is a true, true sign that good things come to those who wait. It also proves that when you pour love into your passions, you end up with something authentic and beautiful! *Congrats again, Macy and Mansy!

4. The Spa's Mind and Body Flow Treatment. This is the second year in a row I booked this for myself on my birthday and I forget how amazing it is each time. The Spa's massages are already very good, but they put a spin on your typical treatment by making a ceremony / ritual out of pouring hot oil onto your scalp… which sounds gross and painful now that I'm writing about it, but is actually the most soothing thing. Try it when you want to treat yo' self.

 Screenshot from Localers

Screenshot from Localers

5. Localers' IG Stories. I've been raving about Localers for a while now, and I'm not done just yet. They recently decided to hop on their IG Stories more frequently to give their followers real time tours of Paris which is amazing! When they took their IG to the catacombs, it really did feel like you were *at* the catacombs. *PS, I wanted to take that tour during my travels but couldn't get a proper schedule. 

This is easily the quickest way to teleport yourself to the City of Light without spending a dime.

6. "Happy Anniversary" on Netflix. I thought Ben Schwartz as Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Rec was pretty good, so when I saw he had a movie up on Netflix I thought, why not? The movie was sweet and thoughtful and cute and made for my demographic.

 Photo from Pinterest — I can't get to the source since the site has since been taken down!

Photo from Pinterest — I can't get to the source since the site has since been taken down!

7. Worishofers. In 2009 (I remember the year!), this photo of Kirsten Dunst (aka, spirit animal) showed up on my Pinterest feed and I became obsessed with her granny shoes. I was in New York for a few weeks when the photo came out, so I made it my mission to find these shoes. I trekked all the way to Brooklyn and bought a pair, only to discover that the shoe store across the street from where I was staying in the UWS had all the colors, all the styles in stock. So I bought a couple more (a lot more).

I decided to resurrect my Worishofers this month and almost 10 years since I bought them, they have held up really well. 

8. Hello FAB Vital Greens Face Mist. This First Aid Beauty recommendation came from one of Ingrid Nilsen's videos a while back. The mist actually smells like green juice—which could be a good or bad thing, depending on how much you love / hate your green smoothies. In any case, this has been serving me really well this summer. Spritzing your face with a cooling mist is necessary in this ridiculous heat.

9. The Signs by Carolyne Faulkner. I've got an exciting collab coming up next month and I've been doing a lot of research on personality-based astrology for it. This book was one of the orders I made pre-birthday, which actually got to me the day before my birthday! (The Sign, indeed!)

Carolyne Faulkner works with "Dynamic Astrology" which I feel really melds with my whole Practical Magic stance. I'm now on the chapter about Geminis and am LOLling to myself because if there was *one* sign I don't get along with, it would have to be this, and it's been kind of hilarious figuring out why.

 Photo from  Everlane

Photo from Everlane

10. Everlane's Day Glove shoe. My obsession of the moment, I signed up for the Get It In Advance notice  and snapped up a pair immediately after it went online (10 minutes later, friends were telling me it was out of stock).

I have a single pair of favorite ballet flats and they cost me a lot of money and I do not want to wear them out. So when I saw this pretty reasonably priced Italian leather flat pop up on IG, I knew purchasing them would be a wise investment. Now to wait a couple more weeks before they get to my friend's house in New York and from there get to Manila c/o her parents. Can't wait!

Also, I want them in all colors. Huhu.

While I'm a little sad that birthday immunity month (let's make it a thing) is about to end, I'm also looking forward to May.

I've got another Inkling workshop, my soon to be not secret event coming up, plus my friend and beloved yoga teacher Ria and I will be gearing up for Awaken, our weekend wellness retreat in June.

How can we not be hopped up for May when… it's gonna be May? :P