My List, April 2018

I'm an April baby and I've never felt more refreshed, renewed, and revitalized than April *this year*. As summer eases in (more like gets in our faces), I've been getting all the bursts of creativity and inspiration I've missed out on over the last months. It feels good to finally be catching up to life.

 Read the original article at  The Cut .

Read the original article at The Cut.

Listening to: This Jack Antonoff Productions playlist on Spotify primarily because I spent the day before my birthday in a rabbit hole of Twitter videos of Lorde and Jack Antonoff's live performance of St. Vincent's "New York" mashed up with "Hard Feelings / Loveless" at a show in Brooklyn. Why does this fascinate me? How have I become so weirdly invested in this? I cannot explain. 

*Watch the video here and you tell me. 

Drinking: Wildflour's Iced Cubano. It's an espresso + cinnamon coffee with a lot of milk. I love how I take a strong hit of syrup (sugar) when I dig my straw into the bottom of my glass. Let's face it, anything with a shot of sugar tastes good.

 Photo from:  Uniqlo

Photo from: Uniqlo

Wearing: The Marimekko wide cropped pants from their Uniqlo collaboration, which launched at the beginning of the month. I was really looking forward to this launch but found that the prints were too crazy for me. Instead, I went for the (boring) cropped pants and now they are all I want to wear everyday.

Annoyed by: How I cannot seem to queue podcasts on my iPhone anymore without moving through three, four, five more unnecessary steps. This current update is grating on my nerves.

 Shop this book on  Amazon

Shop this book on Amazon

Reading: "Flaneuse" by Lauren Elkin. Site planning / urban planning was one of my favorite subjects in college, so when I spotted this book while killing time at the mall after picking up my Harry Styles concert tickets (had to squeeze that little detail in), I grabbed it. I've got three chapters to go, but basically the author talks about her experiences in every city and compares them to the lives of women writers / heroines who've walked the same streets throughout history. It's fascinating—especially if you're interested in travel and traveling solo.

Lauren writes about all the cities I've visited in the last three years, so I thought it was apropos. I have, so far, loved her chapters on Paris and Venice, and surprisingly didn't like her discourse on London.

Last December, I wrote "read a travel book" as one of my goals for March this year—good thing I was able to sneak one into my list, albeit a month late!

 Watch  Everything Sucks!  on Netflix.

Watch Everything Sucks! on Netflix.

Watching: "Everything Sucks!". I shall preface this by saying this show was cancelled, living up to its title. Set in 1996 in Boring, Oregon, here's yet another show that transports me back to 90s nostalgia. This is literally the soundtrack of my high school life—I love how the final episode is called "We Were Merely Freshmen." That Verve Pipe song came out the month I started college. Sniff.

Still Putting Off: Going back to my Barre 3 classes. Maybe writing about it here will finally get me off my butt (and off Netflix).

 Photo from: T-Swift's  IG account

Photo from: T-Swift's IG account

Wondering about: The magical seesaw Taylor Swift is on in this (better) version of her "Delicate" video. I want one!

 Photo by my friends, Patching and Tisha (thank you <3)

Photo by my friends, Patching and Tisha (thank you <3)

Selling: The Practical Magic Starter Deck. This one has been a long time coming, and I know I ought to write about it in more detail… but I don't know where to start and how to. In a nutshell, one of my unfulfilled goals of 2017 was to produce a tarot deck. And this year, I made it happen—without any Mercury Retrograde road bumps and with a lot of joy. 

I haven't gone full-on making announcements about this project of mine and I will, in the future. For now, though, it feels good to keep it under the radar and for the pure enjoyment of my tight knit group of friends and my wonderful community of tarot nerds on the 'gram.

But that said, you can also order the deck now and send some good karma to all the indie creators out there! 

awaken poster.JPG

Excited about: Awaken, a weekend wellness retreat. Again, a product of April's zingy creative energy, my friend and yoga teacher Ria and I finally got ourselves to dot our i's and cross our t's and get things done. We've been toying around with the idea of collaborating on a retreat and finally, we're making it happen!

I'm pretty chuffed at the offerings we've been able to put together for this. All through our planning sessions, I've just been saying, "I'd sign up for this!" We hope you will too <3

Wallpapering: Richard Madden (again). I woke up to this on my Insta-feed. God bless his soul.

We're only halfway through this month and I already have a good feeling about my brand new turn around the sun. Here's to leaps, having the rug pulled out from under you, and doing brave things!