What's Making Me Happy: March 2018

This month, we officially move into summer in Manila while cosmically, we move into Aries season.  The first sign of the zodiac, Aries symbolizes starts, impulsive action, spontaneity and March has, in many ways, shown me a lot of that fiery energy. I can't wait to feel it all really kick in in April.

While I wait for the new month (plus all the birthday privileges that come with), here's everything I've found extra interesting this month.

 Photo credit:  TV Guide

Photo credit: TV Guide

1. Younger. A family friend recommended I watch this three years ago, and it took me this long to start it. I'm only on Season 2 but I'm fully invested in this show. I know Sutton Foster from Bunheads, and while she's the protagonist of this show, my favorite character is her literary marketing boss, Diana Trout (played brilliantly by Miriam Shor). Also, this is dealing me a heavy dose of reality as I root for the older dude rather than the hotter, tattooed, younger boyfriend. (Shh, no spoilers—I still have two more seasons to catch up on).

2. Book Depository. The appeal of this site over Amazon is its free international shipping. I just ordered four books in one go (my advanced birthday present to myself) and while they may be taking a while—as expected—I'm already excited for my next post office pick-up. Will report back on my reads as soon as I get through them.

3. Words with Friends 2. When this app first came online, my friends and I were obsessed with it. I decided to bring it back to my phone and I would like to think that it's been keeping my vocabulary growing.

 Image Credit:  The Magunga Bookstore

Image Credit: The Magunga Bookstore

4. "Born a Crime," by Trevor Noah. I won't stop talking about this book. Two of my really good friends recommended this autobiography to me and with good reason. Comedian Trevor Noah's story is absolutely remarkable. He dedicates the book to his mother, who's responsible for all the ups in Noah's life. SERIOUSLY, if there is one book you need to read this year, it ought to be this one.

5. Starbucks Four Cheese Flatbread. As far as coffee chains go, I think Starbucks has the best, most reasonably priced food. I'm a savory > sweet person and their flatbread is 👌👌👌.

7. Angel's Kitchen Lemon Sunburst Cake. Angel's Kitchen is a neighborhood restaurant my family frequents. They have excellent desserts and are most known for their apple pie, but my personal fave is the lemon cake—it pairs chiffon and lemon curd perfectly. YUM.

 Screenshot from:  Quill and Fox by Yas Imamura

7. Quill and Fox. I was looking for a gift to send to my newest goddaughter (Hi, Sammie!) and remembered Portland-based artist Yas Imamura's shop. I interviewed Yas years ago for a magazine article and have stayed in touch with her through social media. I love her art (check out her current Hello Kitty collab!) and think it's amazing of her to be running an independent shop and brand so successfully.

 Image credit:  Forever 35 Podcast

Image credit: Forever 35 Podcast

8. Forever 35. Finally! A podcast catering to my demographic! Kate and Doree (whose book, "Startup" I'd read last year) discuss serums and more every week. I'm a complete podcast nerd and I have had to delete many charming podcasts because I found them too millennial for my taste. This one is charming and is a perfect age match. :)


9. My collage deck. Tooting my own horn here. Last year, I played around with the collage kits at Rookie and made my own tarot deck. I then dumped everything into my Dropbox folder and forgot all about it. Until I came across my files last month, decided to do a test print with a local printer. The cards worked pretty well so I went ahead and bit the bullet (as one does) and had a very short run done in Hong Kong. Everything's been copyrighted and now I just have to figure out how to put these out there (this write-up here is step one).

 Photo credit:  IG @yourheartcraftedlife

10. Inkling, a tarot + journaling workshop. And in my final burst of self-promotion, I'm SUPER chuffed at how the workshop I ran with life coach Aurora Suarez went mid-month. We ran the three-hour event at Craft MNL and were flabbergasted at the number of people who were actually interested in this little seed of an idea we'd come up with last year. We've already got folks waitlisted for our next date (May!). YAY!!!

Want to learn more about Inkling? Interested in tarot + journaling? Want to share your own faves? I'll see you in the comments below.