My List, March 2018

March can be exceptionally zing-y because the weather gets weird and uncomfortably hot. When days like these come I feel like doing nothing, lying in bed, and just chilling. Which is why I think I've consumed more media in these past two weeks than I've ever done in months (or maybe even years)… and that's what I'll be discussing in this week's round of Gallimaufry.


Listening to: "Call Me By Your Name," the audiobook. My friend Kara describes Armie Hammer's voice as buttery leather (it's quite special that there's a whole bit on "butter melting" in the first chapter). It took me two days to get through this and was pleasantly surprised to see the book extend beyond the movie. Can't wait for the sequel

PS: If you need more convincing that this is a must-listen (not just a must-read), Vulture lays out 20 descriptions of Armie Hammer's voice while reading this oeuvre. 

Drinking: Instant coffee. I love my Nescafe gold.

 Slip on a pair of Jamie Jeans and live your best Topshop model life.

Slip on a pair of Jamie Jeans and live your best Topshop model life.

Wearing: Topshop Jamie Jeans. This became all the rage a couple of years ago and I did not buy into the hype until last year, when I realized all my jeans were shredded with holes (on purpose) and baggy and basically made me look like a homeless person, I went through MOTO's stockpile once more. I reluctantly tried this skinny jean and my world was forever changed.

Following: Priyanka Aribrindi's newsletter for Crooked Media, "What a Day." Love the digest format, love that I'm kept up to date, love that it only takes a couple of minutes to read through, and am in awe of how they manage to keep all these current events snippets bite-sized and easy to read. 

 I took a time machine back to the early 2000s watching "The Bold Type" (btw, it's set in present day NY).

I took a time machine back to the early 2000s watching "The Bold Type" (btw, it's set in present day NY).

Watching: "The Bold Type." I finished all 10 episodes of this Freeform-produced show in three days. It feels super early aughts because seriously, who sets anything in the editorial department of a print fashion magazine these days. I'm particularly attached to these genre ("How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," "13 Going on 30," "The Devil Wears Prada," and all other early 2000s rom-coms…) because I actually worked in a magazine and was obsessed with them since I was using up my allowance to buy Seventeen in high school. 

Anyway, this show is pure guilty pleasure and is centered around three best friends (of course) and their boss (played by Melora Hardin, who I fondly remember as Jan from "The Office"), determined to make it big in the magazine industry in New York City (where else?).

You can tell there's a concerted effort to make this show as woke as possible, it covers a hefty amount of social justice warrior issues in under 30 minutes which is as funny as it is contrived. Still fun though, I would say especially for anyone who remembers print's heyday. 

Annoyed by: Digestive issues. After recovering from gastroenteritis, it seems I have reverted to an extra-sensitive constitution and have to be very careful about what I eat.

 Photo screen capped from:  Lucy Smart

Photo screen capped from: Lucy Smart

Reading: I've been going through books like nothing these days—three classics in February, an autobiography, a fun rom-commy book set in San Francisco, a dark psychological comedy masking itself as a light and upbeat read (didn't see that twist coming…), and the aforementioned audiobook in March. The month isn't over and I've deferred to 'grammer Lucy Smart's Insta to find my next read (she has excellent recommendations, btw—I also own that Aesop parsley seed mask which is 💯). 

I've decided to leave the realm of fiction for the moment and jump into some astrology via Carolyne Faulkner's "The Signs." This book looks so pretty, I want to order it on Book Depository, but in the interest of keeping my space clean, I am going with Kindle for the moment. Unless I change my mind last minute and order the hardback anyway. Decisions!

Update: Apparently the Kindle version is a pre-order. Which means I'm now placing my Book Depository order!


Waiting for: My book to come in the mail. Funny story, I sometimes receive requests for back orders of my now eight-year old trilogy via Instagram and Twitter, but I recently discovered that Book 1 is all out. ALL OUT!

So I've been scouring eBay, OLX and Carousell for anyone who's parting with their copies of "Popped" so I at least have something to offer readers who are looking for my books. It's been a hoot having to tell sellers that yes, I'm the author, and yes, I'm buying my own book. It's also been quite a fun treasure hunt.

 Photo:  Glossier

Photo: Glossier

Wanting: Glossier You. I got a sample of You with my latest Glossier order and now I can't stop thinking about this scent. 

Back story—I have been in love with this el cheapo baby cologne (Eversense Sexy Charisma) since my friend Eunice discovered it in Bangkok. It has, for the last couple of years, been phased out and while I have upgraded to better fragrances, it has always been The One That Got Away :(

And then You came around and as un-el cheapo as it is, it smells exactly like an elevated Sexy Charisma. I never thought I would catch that clean, warm, comforting scent ever again! My sampler is about 3/5 gone and I have been on the fence about spending on Glossier *again* when I should really be saving up for my mid-year trip. 

I will report back in two weeks with my What's Making Me Happy list, and in the meantime, will still be waxing lyrical about vacation days in Europe. See you back here soon xx