My List, February 2018

It's been a month since I last checked in with my list and there have been a LOT of changes in the transition between January and February.

I'm juggling a couple of top shelf collaborations with some super talented people. I can't believe my luck—the fact that I get to brainstorm, meet up, and work with artists / makers / writers / editors / wellness teachers I admire really feels like dumb luck sometimes. 

I don't appreciate teasers (and I hope I get to talk about these projects soon) but I can't help myself—I'm hoping to look back on this month and wax poetic about how everything came together after the Full Moon in Leo / Lunar Eclipse of 2018. Anyway, on to my list.

What's happening mid-January 2017


greatest showman.jpg

Listening to: "The Greatest Showman OST." I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this. (Also, I felt obliged to put the poster with Zac + Zendaya on it, LOL).

Eating: Bark Thins with Salted Pretzel. As part of my commitment to snack "healthier" (it's available at Healthy Options, so…), this has been my go-to. You have not lived until you've tried this.

Wearing: My black Rifle Paper Co. Keds Triple Deckers. Anna Bond can truly do no wrong.

the hollywood reporter.jpg

Watching: "This is Us." God help anyone who hasn't yet begun the sobfest that is this show. It "catharts" me every week, it's so good. Also, Sterling Brown is ❤❤❤

Following: Morgane Sezalory. The woman behind gorgeous brand Sézane has a feed tests my French proficiency better than Duolingo. Also, her photos are gorgeous.


wuthering heights.jpg

Reading: "Wuthering Heights." It took me four years to get past Chapter One of "Jane Eyre" and I managed to finish the book in under a week (why did it take me so long, seriously? I LOVED IT). I'm on to the last unread book in my Penguin Classics collection (that is, until I get myself a copy of "The Scarlet Letter.") How fantastic is Ruben Toledo's art?

Waiting for: My Glossier stash. And for my credit card to refresh so I can get You solid. #sucker

Annoyed by: Facebook algorithms. Facebook in general. 

Wanting: To get this week over so I can finally have my scratch test. I have horrible allergies and a really gross case of eczema that has prompted me to go on many a WebMD rabbit hole. Counting down to the weekend (again).