I took a five-week vacation…

… and didn't post about it.

I documented every day of my seven-city tour on Instagram Stories because I liked the idea of my videos disappearing after 24 hours. (Also, only a handful of friends watched them—a big relief tbh, because, privacy). But apart from that, no photos, no updates.


This was all done with intention. It took months to plan my trip and after all the hard work that went into the prep, I wanted to keep the actual experience to myself. Traveling on your own for over a month without talking about it or putting it out there was great. It was like having the best secret.

Instead of committing things to digital posterity, I put pen to paper and wrote. A LOT. I didn't have a lot of space with me, but I managed to bulk up my suitcase with my Traveler's Notebook, a spare journal, two packs of Instax Mini film, my Instax Share printer, a couple of rolls of washi tape, three glue sticks, five Mildliners (Have you heard about these? They're the best!), and a bunch of pens. I brought my notebook with me everywhere and documented everything.

It was fun to come home with a handwritten journal full of scraps and scribbles and STUFF. It made the whole whirlwind of planes and trains and time zones more visceral and tangible and real.


It's been a month and a half since I came back, and my vacation high and hangover have since petered out. Without any big adventures ahead of me (yet), I'm left wanting to revisit all the cities I'd been to, and to yap on about them with someone other than myself. I've been looking for something to write about for a while now and I feel that this collection of stories I have from my super fun vacation is as good a place as any to start.

The hope, for now, is to keep the stories (and other stuff) coming until it's time for me to again, fly off to my next destination. In the meantime, I will give nostalgia a go. See you in a few.