My List, January 2018

I love making lists. BJ Novak's app was kept me entertained for a couple of months, except it's been taken down.

I am also a massive fan of the  Bullet Journal, which has kept me super organized at everything. 

I didn't know what else I would write about in this space, and my head went immediately to Lists. Here is my attempt at cataloging every month in the easiest, simplest, most Bullet Journal-y way possible.

What's happening mid-January 2017

ella and louis.jpg

Listening to: "They Can't Take That Away From Me" by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. I am a septuagenarian at heart. 

Eating: A ton of leche flan for a story I'm working on. I've had ten (TEN) in the last two days. 🍮🍮🍮🍮🍮🍮🍮🍮🍮🍮


Wearing: We Found Love in white and black. Sponsored by my day job @ Renegade Folk. #ownyourstep 

Really into: Barre3, my mind body spirit workout of choice. 

Following: Mandy Moore's home construction on Instagram Stories. Fascinating stuff!

ingrid goes west.jpg

Watching: "Ingrid Goes West." Elizabeth Olsen plays Venice Beach Boho Instagram Girl very well.

Reading: "Astrology for Yourself: How to Understand and Interpret Your Own Birth Chart." The stars have spoken.

Waiting for: Mimi to get to my house (she is literally walking over right now). We're headed to the Travel Sale today to get our travel tickets sorted. PNW, here I come! (edit: flights have been booked!)

Annoyed by: People who use adjectives when they're supposed to use adverbs 🤓

inner compass.jpg

Wanting: Inner Compass Cards. I'm going to wait until I get myself a new deck but this is first on my list.