What's Making Me Happy: 2017 edition

I've been listening to NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour for years now, and I've always loved their "What's Making Me Happy" segment. I thought I'd do the same here because gratitude is cool.

 Thumbnail Credit: YouTube

Thumbnail Credit: YouTube

1. Waitress. Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles performing "It Only Takes a Taste" from the Waitress musical (penned by Bareilles). It is my wish to have a free ticket to New York fall on my lap right now to catch two of my favorite performers on stage as the leads in this play. Until that happens, this video is on repeat.

2. Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner. Available now at True Value for domestic die hards! Get it! I want to spray the world with it!

3. The High Low Podcast. I like to listen to this and pretend I'm still in London.

4. Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas. I am a proud, card-carrying  member of the Hallmark Christmas cult. Their running list of movies is permanently saved on my Wikipedia. I must admit that this season has not yielded a favorite just yet—nothing, so far, has toppled Brandon Routh's portrayal of a cat-loving fireman in 2014's "The Nine Lives of Christmas."

5. Wrapping Christmas gifts I'm giving myself. I have been accumulating stuff since September to unwrap and unbox this Christmas. I cannot wait to open my Rifle Paper Co. Maps of the World calendar.

6. Susannah Conway's Unravel Your Year WorkbookEvery year, Susannah releases one of these workbooks and this is my fourth go at it. I love how this has become a yearly December ritual for me. My word for next year: WANDER.

7. Lily Pebbles' 2018 Bullet Journal video. YASSS! I love Lily. Her Bullet Journal video from last year got me into this whole organization / mindfulness malarkey and it has been a game-changer for me. I ordered my Leuchttrum Bullet Journal a while back and it is still immaculately shrink-wrapped. Anna's blog post about it couldn't come sooner [edit: It's up! Read The Anna Edit's take on my favorite nerd tool if you want a primer on all things BuJo].

8. Hot beverages. In my head, the tea burns all the holiday calories.

9. Chopping three inches off my hair. It was time! Also, Studio Fix's Shangri-la branch is always such a pleasure to visit (even during Christmas traffic season).

10. This site. At press time, I'm the only one who knows that this site is up, and all the drafts I've been writing over the last one and a half weeks are unpublished. Having a place to write again is great and working on this has been so much fun. I hope it stays fun a year from now!

C'est tout, mes amis. If all goes to plan, I will be back with more Stuff and Fluff next month.