I booked a room at Ace Seattle…

I always do exhaustive Googling whenever I book a hotel, because I'm usually traveling on a very carefully strung together budget. When I visit Portland three years ago, I wanted to book a stay at the local Ace, but I was on a super tight budget and needed to relegate myself to a superhosted Airbnb instead. The cheapest rooms at Ace typically don't have en suite bathrooms, and I didn't want to risk sharing a shower with strangers.

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I never planned on going to Switzerland…

… but I had planned to go to Berlin with my friend, Yanina, who's from Geneva.

Et voila, I was able to finagle yet another city into my big adventure! I didn't have too much time in Geneva, just a quick overnight trip before we flew out to Germany, and two nights again when we returned. It was quick and over before I knew it, but nonetheless, I was able to see why it was my mom and my cousin's favorite European city.

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I learned *a lot* in Amsterdam…

… and it wasn't just by way of all the museums I visited (although I'm adding yet another one to the list in this post). Everything I learned about the city came from a bit of YouTube research (thank you, Lily Pebbles), my own exploration of the canals, and by sheer luck, making friends with someone who's been living in the city for a couple of years.

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I caught the Dior and Balenciaga exhibitions…

… while I was in Paris and in London upon my friend Queenie and my cousin Tina's recommendation. They were both the first items on my agenda for both cities and made for a beautiful (literally) way to kick off my travels.

I'm by no means a fashion-phile but I do appreciate a good museum (or two… or three…). I'm always on the lookout for design-related exhibitions and it just so happened that there were two ongoing shows during my trip. 

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I walked through the French Revolution…

… by taking a walking tour by Localers.

I first came across this run-by-locals tour company on my first trip to Paris. I wanted an insider's walkthrough at the Louvre and was able to book a private tour with these folks. I really valued the experience because of the skip the line access and art expert info that I probably would have glossed over if I had just gotten the audio guide at the museum (I still remember really specific details about my tour!). 

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My List, April 2018

I'm an April baby and I've never felt more refreshed, renewed, and revitalized than April *this year*. As summer eases in (more like gets in our faces), I've been getting all the bursts of creativity and inspiration I've missed out on over the last months. It feels good to finally be catching up to life.

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I had more places to see on my Paris list…

… my first time there. After I had ticked the major landmarks off my list, it was time to delve deeper into the city. Thankfully, I had nine days in Paris, and a former local to help me navigate the city. 

If you've got a lot of time to spare in Paris and don't mind taking the metro and running all over the place, you might want to check out the spots that Queenie and I made sure to head to. Here are some of my favorites.

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What's Making Me Happy: March 2018

This month, we officially move into summer in Manila while cosmically, we move into Aries season.  The first sign of the zodiac, Aries symbolizes starts, impulsive action, spontaneity and March has, in many ways, shown me a lot of that fiery energy. I can't wait to feel it all really kick in in April.

While I wait for the new month (plus all the birthday privileges that come with), here's everything I've found extra interesting this month.

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